Terms and conditions

The trading conditions are set out by pickfast, on the responsibilities and obligations of both parties within the contract for services entered into with Pickfast.

1 These Terms cover pickfast conditions on which we supply our services to you. It is mandatory to read this terms very carefully and attentively before submission of your bookings to Pickfast as it contains our services and any contract between you and Pickfast.

1.1 Pickfast Limited is registered in England and Wales with Registration number 10489356 and Vat No. 2627831988 and pickfast registered office is at unit 91, Carioca business park , miles platting , Manchester M40 8BB.

1.2 We can be reached by contacting us by phone 0161 6944 207 or write to us at unit 91, cariocca business park Miles platting M40 8BB or by our email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. through our website. We can also reach you by contacting your phone,email or by writing as may be convenient.

2 .The process of booking with pickfast entails us supplying price options dependent on carriers move requirements. The information you give us is what forms the quote,but any alteration to this may subsequently change the price that best suits your needs and supplying pickfast with your payment details will start a contract between you and pickfast.

2.1 Pickfast quotes shows the information provided upon booking and will vary depending on when the request is made and your desired completion date.

Pickfast will accept amendments up to four days before the date the services are required . You may, however, in some deserving circumstances incur additional charges especially on additions of more items especially less than three days before the services are required:

(a) Fees or taxes payable to any governmental bodies especially if moving goods abroad , customs duties or port storage charges are not included in your quote. However, pickfast is therefore not responsible for services not paid for or specified in the terms of contract, especially if not expressly stated.

(b) Pickfast may not accept your booking request but will notify you in writing or by telephone . however, the acceptance of your services by pickfast is at its discretion as pickfast reserves the right to either accept or refuse to render its services depending on the circumstances of each case or service.

(c) if we confirm your booking request then pickfast will notify you of the job number specifically located for your job request which you can quote when contacting us for easy reference and smooth transactions.

(3) Pickfast will arrive at the pick up address and on the date agreed at the time of booking except in cases of “force majeure’’ that is forces beyond control.

(a) Pickfast will only load and deliver the goods in good condition as listed upon booking as pickfast is not liable whatsoever any goods not listed upon booking as initial inventory.

(b) pickfast will deliver your goods in the same conditions and the way they were at the point of loading for transportation .If you really believe that damage was really caused to your goods by pickfast we will require written information within seven days stating genuine evidence of the damage and loss of value to your goods .Please note that outside of this time frame pickfast is not liable. If any of your goods or chattels are lost or damaged unless previously agreed in writing, pickfast liability is fixed for all claims of loss or damage to goods and/or premises due to our negligence or breach of contract at £20 per individual item. It is your duty and responsibility to provide pickfast with empirical evidence of value of goods lost or damaged and proof that the damage was actually caused by pickfast. If you will like to increase your cover pickfast covers all jobs under basic cover insurance up to £50,000 ( fire and theft). Pickfast insurance terms and conditions are set up in insurance summary document. Pickfast may, where necessary increase your insurance cover with our premium package.

(c) Pickfast will not provide services to put our partners in danger e.g, pickfast partners will not enter premises that are not well lit and with safe access.

(d) Unless with permit and insurance, pickfast will not engage in transportation of pets or people except for employees unless agreed prior in writing when booking request were made or done.

(e) Pickfast will not, however, agree or accept to carry out any job the company is not qualified to execute.

(f) Pickfast will not transport illegal, stolen or dangerous goods and those goods that are potentially dangerous to or harmful to our vehicles , employees , or engage in transportation of goods that require special knowledge or special equipment to transport. Pickfast within our rights can destroy, dispose off and to charge you any cost incurred should we transport any such goods without prior knowledge .Pickfast will act within the law to report such goods to all relevant constituted authorities whenever it is deemed necessary and appropriate.

(g) Pickfast will only transport goods and chattels that require special licenses or government permission if supporting documents are produced and tendered in support . Pickfast will require advance warning and agreement in writing to transport such goods as it will refuse any liability for loss or damage to such goods or chattels .Pickfast will not absorb any loss suffered or damage caused by such goods and will require you to indemnify pickfast in full for any charges, expenses, damages , or any penalties claimed against us .We may at our discretion, destroy or disposed off such goods for which you will be liable for the cost.

(h)Pickfast will not store any goods other than those previously agreed in writing prior to or at the time of booking. Additional charges apply for storage of goods and cost depends on duration of time.

(i) Pickfast will not ordinarily dismantle or assemble items of furnitures unless agreed prior to the time of booking.

(J) Pickfast will not disconnect, distort, reconnect, dismantle or reassemble appliances, fixtures, equipments, fittings unless previously agreed prior or at the time of booking.

(k) We will not ordinarily take or lay any carpet or similar floor covering.

(l) Pickfast will not move planters and out door pots unless agreed in writing prior to or at the time of relevant booking.

(m) Pickfast will not move any aerials or satellite dishes unless agreed in writing prior to or at the time of relevant booking.

4 More Services
(4:1)Pickfast additional services include but are not limited to premium insurance , packing , dissembling or reassembling of goods ,storage enclosed transportation for vehicles and any other transportation services with which pickfast may be engaged. You may, however, visit our website for more information on booking additional services.
(4:2) Services can be rendered by pickfast or one of its partners .Pickfast partners are approved by our management team with thorough assessment of their suitability to comply with our rules and terms and to perform very well .Our partners are required to supply us with documentations and are strictly assessed with customer feedback.

5 Pickfast services outside United Kingdom

(5:1) In additional to all other applicable terms and conditions, you must at your cost obtain all documents , (visas by persons accompanying goods where applicable) permits, licence and customs document necessary for pickfast to be able to undertake the services required from pickfast.

(5:2) Pickfast will not transport or deliver any goods or chattels that require a special government permission for export/ import except the required government permission is obtained from relevant authorities.

(5:3) Your quotation will be given estimated time for transit .Time can vary when goods are being transported abroad depending on the circumstances of each case. Pickfast will not be liable for any loss or damage which may occur as a result of delays in transit times unless they are as a result of our negligence or breach of contract.

6 Your obligations as a customer

(6:1) By entering into this contract with pickfast, you must comply with the following obligations. If you, however, fail to comply with these obligations, pickfast is not liable to you in any way.

(a)You must guarantee that all goods transported belong to you and should someone else has legal interest in the goods, that you have their relevant permission to transport them.

(b) Pickfast will demand for current telephone number and email address. If these contact details were to change or has changed,you must give us immediately .Correct and precise address for pickup delivery address(es) must be expressly stated.

(c) There must be suitable parking for pickfast vehicles and those of our partners at your cost. You must indemnify pickfast for any fines for your failure or negligence to provide suitable parking for pickfast .

(d) You need to advise pickfast on how many floors at both pickup and delivery address(es).

(e) You need to describe and disclose the width of the doors and windows to suitably remove your goods.

(f) You will be present at loading and unloading locations in order to monitor removals of your goods.

(g) After the completion of your job our partner will present to you a copy of pickfast job completion form for you to sign confirming the job number and that the job were satisfactorily completed without loss or damage of your goods or chattels.

(h) You are required to defrost your fridge or any other refrigerating compartments with all the contents removed prior to our arrival or the arrival of our partner and you make sure all appliances are completely dry.

(i) All furnitures must be kept dry before pick up and delivery.

(j) Pickfast will require a comprehensive list of goods and chattels to be transported at the time of booking and should any additions be made pickfast must be notified prior to pickup for quote adjustment.

(k) All goods and chattels must be accurately and properly packed before arrival of our partner and a full parking service is available on demand.

(l) Note that overdue payments will incur interest on daily basis that is calculated at 3%per annum above the base rate of Barclays Bank plc.

7 Job cancellation, variation and postponement

7:1 Consumers Statutory Cancellation Rights

Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges ) Regulations 2013 are not applicable to service contracts which provide for the transport of goods and chattels on a specific date, time or period for performance in the event that you postpone or cancel your contract with pickfast, then pickfast requires clear notification as soon as possible in writing .If you cancel by telephone or email, we will write to you confirming cancellation . However, postponement, variation and cancellation charges are treated and decided as stated below.

(a)If we receive notice in writing or by telephone no less than 3 working days before the date that the services are due ,there will be no charge if you paid in full upon booking our services and you are entitled to a full refund .If pickfast receives notice in writing or by telephone within two or less working days before the date that the services are due, you will incur a charge worth 50% of the total amount agreed upon booking .If you, however, paid in full upon booking our services , you are, however, entitled to a refund worth 50%of the total amount agreed upon booking.

(b) If long distance (over 90 miles) or international services are booked and pickfast receive notice of cancellation in writing or by telephone not less than five working days before the date that the services are due, there will be no charge. If you, however, paid in full upon booking our services you are entitled to a full refund.

(c) If long distance of over 90 miles or international services are booked and pickfast receive notice of cancellation in writing or via telephone not less than three working days before the date that the services are due you will incur a charge worth 50% of the total amount agreed upon booking. If you paid in full upon booking our services , you are entitled to a refund worth 50% of the total amount mutually agreed upon booking.

(d) If you postpone or cancel the services on the day they are due to take place, you will be charged the full amount as if the service required has been rendered .If you paid in full upon booking our services you will not be entitled to any refund.

(e)If you postpone the services and immediately re-book ,it is at the discretion of pickfast to reduce or waive some or all of the charges as the circumstances of the case may demand. Urgent bookings for same day,or next day are non refundable.

(f) If you postpone or cancel the services and have a dispute regarding a payment made to pickfast a charge pending or an issue relating to the pickfast service or payment arrangement , you must notify us as soon as practicable , and not later than seven days after our services have been completed by completing the pickfast online payment complaint dispute form.

(g) Note, however, that if you breach any term of this contract Pickfast are entitled to cancel the contract entered into with customers.

(h) If Pickfast or its agent is unable to perform the services agreed upon booking , whether through our own fault or as a result of something beyond of our control then Pickfast will notify you as soon as practicable in writing or by telephone.

(h) If you make an urgent booking for some or next day services , pickfast will endeavour and arrange to confirm your driver details within an hour. Should pickfast be unable to do so,it will notify you concerning relevant circumstances and pickfast will refund you if it is unable to render services required by you after payment provided that no refund will be available if its inability to deliver your goods or chattels is caused by act(s) beyond control or by supervening circumstances which is not ordinarily within the power of pickfast to control...........................................................

(i) if we cancel the contract due to your failure to comply with the agreed terms you will not be entitled to a refund.

(j) If you cancel the contract in compliance with the prior agreed terms then pickfast will refund your deposit in accordance with the conditions as expressly stated above, as such amounts due to you will be transferred within 3 business days into your designated bank account stated in your online refund request form .Please make sure that your refund request form is submitted within 7 days and that request received after 7 business days will no more be accepted.

8 Liability for loss or Damage.

8:1 Pickfast is not liable for any damage caused to the premises or your goods if you go against our advice or choose to ignore our reasonable opinion or professional advice .You must advice pickfast in writing no later than seven days after completion of our services if any damage is caused to the premises or your goods upon collection, transportation or delivery .please take note that Pckfast is not liable outside of this time.

Pickfast is not liable for:

(a) Damage caused as a result of your action or your failure to comply with our terms.

(b) Perishable items, including but not limited to food and drinks.

(c) Damage caused by fire or inferno.

(d) Damage caused by moths, or vermin, or other infestation.

(e) Damage caused to any furniture packed or packed by you or third party.

(f) Normal wear and tear within the normal course of business.

(g) If we load and unload items for you against our advice, we will not be liable.

(h) Damage caused to premises or goods but not by us.

(i) Damage done by you or third party when parking, loading or unloading into our vehicle.

(j) Pickfast does not transport live animals or plants unless agreed and and properly organised upon booking. Pickfast is not liable for any harm done to live animals or plants transported without our knowledge.

(k) Damage to your electrical goods unless you can prove it was as a result of our negligence.

(l) If any of your goods were already damaged or had an inherent damage effect.

(m) Your goods are susceptible to damage through breakage , internal spoilage or malfunction.

(n) Damage to any collections or documentation. These include but are not limited to stamps, coins, gemstone, share certificates, deeds to properties.

(o) Personal items including jewellery , handbags, hats, unless properly packed and included in the list of items agreed as part of your contract with pickfast.

(p) Business loss whatsoever if you are a private customer. If you are a business customer in contract ,tort including negligence, Pickfast will not be liable for interruption to business or loss of profit, loss of sales or business , loss of agreements or contract, loss of anticipated savings or loss of damage to goodwill or any direct or indirect inconsequential loss.

(q) Loss of damage which occurs after the goods have been delivered to you in good condition.

(r) Loss of damage not caused by us or our employees,subcontractors and agents.

(s) Loss which is not reasonably Unforeseeable.

9 Transit outside united Kingdom

If we require services outside of united kingdom in addition to the liability provisions, pickfast will not be liable.

9:1 Note that any goods confiscated ,seized, damaged or removed by customs authority or any other government agency unless such damage, confiscation ,seizure or removal was as a result of our negligence or breach of contract.

9:2 Events outside our control

Pickfast is not liable for any damage or loss if any of the underlisted occur:

(a) Act of God.

(b) Epidemic or pandemic.

(c) Acts of war, threat or preparation for war , riot , nuclear or chemical containment, change in law or action taken by a government or public authority , collapse of buildings fire explosion or accident any labour or trade dispute strikes industrial action or lockouts.

(d) Delay in transit.

(e) Any event that can be reasonably considered as beyond the control of pickfast.

We wont exclude our liability for death or personal injury that may be caused by our negligence, fraudulent misrepresentation which under the law of the united kingdom may not be limited or excluded.

Delay in transit

10(a) If there is a delay in transit or Pickfast is unable to deliver your goods for reasons not caused by our negligence or breach of contract, then we may store them but customers will be liable for any storage re-delivery costs.

(b) Pickfast will provide you with a reasonable estimated time for collection and delivery based on information in our possession. Times may vary due to events outside of our control. We will not be liable for any loss suffered by you as a result of this.


11. (A)Pickfast covers all jobs under our ‘basic level’ cover insurance up to £50,000 (fire and theft). Our full insurance terms are not in the insurance summary document found adjacent to these business terms.

(B)Pickfast can increase your insurance cover with our premium package. Please request premium insurance upon booking our services. Premium insurance is calculated at 10% of the total amount charged for our services. Premium insurance covers your goods top a total of £ 50,000. You must, however, declare the value of your goods before our services commence. Goods valued at over £50,000 will need to be considered, and may incur an additional premium.

Please refer to www.pickfast.net/ insurance terms and conditions.

12. our rights to hold the goods

Pickfast has the right to hold your goods in lien until all monies owed, including applicable interest is paid. This includes costs we have reasonably incurred for storage and legal costs.

13 complaints

If you have any complaints about our services, kindly complete our online payment and services dispute form(link to payment and services dispute form) our customer care team endeavour to review and make any necessary actions within a week of the forms submission.

(a) To supply our services to you.

(b) To process your payment for the services.

(c) If you, however, agreed upon booking our services to you information about similar services that we provide.

13.2 You can visit the citizens advice website on www.pickfast.net or call them on 01616944207 for a succinct summary of your legal rights.

14 Your personal information we will use the information you provide to us in the following ways:

(a) To supply our services to you.

(b) If you agreed upon booking our services, to give you information about similar services that we provide.

(c) To process your payment for our services.

13.3 We will only give your personal information to other third parties where the law either requires or allow us to do so.

Some other important terms

15.1 Transferring this agreement to someone else. We may, however, transfer our rights and obligations under these terms to another organisation or entity. Pickfast will ensure that such transfer will not affect your rights under the contract.

15.2 Rights under this contract

This contract is exclusively between you and pickfast and no other person has rights to enforce any of its term unless expressly provided for in the expressly applicable terms.

15.3 Transferring your rights.

You can only transfer your rights or obligation under these terms to another person if pickfast agrees to this in a written form.

15.4 Enforcing this contract

If we do not enforce these terms immediately, or if you breach this contract and we delay taking steps against you, that will not prevent us taking steps against you at a later date.

15.5 The law and this contract

Each clause of these terms operates separately. If any court, tribunal or any other relevant authority decides that any of them are unlawful, the remaining clauses remain in full effect.

15.6 Applicable laws to this contract.

These terms are governed by English law and proceedings arising out of any breach of this contract can only be instituted in the English Courts.

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